When this sporty roadster was born, many tuning companies started to think about its tuning immediately. The design of Z4 is over-elaborate. The massive front bumper with three big openings filled with a perforated sheet. These openings are used for air-intake to the cooler and brakes, as is usually in the case of similar cars. A plastic front mask was replaced by the new one with a silver perforated sheet. The side sills put the finishing touches to the silhouette of doors and whole car. The rear bumper is original, but with a cut-out for two round exhaust tips. The trunk is now with a new symbol “Haarfabrik“ that is used instead of Z4’s original emblem.

The headlights and back-up lights are clear now. Look at the photos, what to you notice at first sight? Yes, a vertical door opening – LSD (Lambo Style Doors) is more and more popular in the tuning scene and these doors are used also here. The wing mirrors as well as the hood remained untouched. The emblem on the side is gone. Now you can see here the opening for dissipating heat from rear disc brakes. The brakes are situated right after 8.0x19 NW9-Felge alloys together with low-profile tires. The interior is same as in the stock version, so it’s full of leather. This is BMW Z4 modification provided by Carline Tuning Gmbh.
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