BMW's Performance parts brochure

A brochure for BMW's Performance parts for the entire range of Beemers and in particular, the new 1-series coupe, has found its way into cyberspace.

While the leaked brochure is printed in German, you can probably see that BMW’s new performance parts line-up includes a variety of mods that would transform your otherwise run-of-the-mill 3-series sedan into an individualised specimen.

Through the use of various translation softwares available online, Beemer aficionados have been able to work out some of the products that will be available to them soon. How does yellow "BMW Performance" six-piston calipers on 325mm drilled and slotted rotors grab you?

What about the gorgeous set of deep sports bucket seats, carbon-fibre inserts everywhere and funky steering wheel?

Check out some of the upgrades in the following images (images are scanned so please excuse the quality for the time being).

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