Audi Ready To Show Off Seven Modification Cars

Audi ready to show off seven modification cars in the GTI Wörthersee Tour in Austria, Wednesday (12/5). Various styles and models modifications brought by the Audi is new Audi A1 supermini Premium includes FC Bayern and police car sedan-style taxis transport. Meanwhile, three variants of other modifications of more directed version of the A1-style version of Hot Rod with a variety of interesting and looks sporty.
Hot Rod version is equipped by a retro-themed modification with white braid trim on the sides of the tires, wheels made of steel. Whereas in order to generate the impression sportsmanship themed Audi car is also working on low-ride suspension obtained from the air suspension system to remind us of a rally sport Audi products in the 1980s. A competition car equipped with a powerful tool that makes it able to survive while they are conditioned water. Such as the latest variant of the new Audi R8 Audi GT, Ice Silver A8, Facelift Roadster and TT Coupe, and the RS5.
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