To have a concept car is relatively difficult hommy. You see, all calculation must be mature, if not belonging to the general concept was so gatot alias fails miserably. Edges money wasted.

However, the Honda CR-V made in 2002 by a courtier had modification Makassar origin,
Arif. Men are daily busy as an entrepreneur was also made Honda CR-V into a complete home theater entertainment with the car in the middle to the back with a third row bench disarmed. Soon it only takes two months and funds amounting to USD 230 millions.

To design the middle cabin, Arif believe in workshops Auto Illusion located in Goa, South Sulawesi with Rahman and Aci.

"All the work I resignedly to the workshop. But for me who run the draft," said Arif told detikOto some time ago.

Before going into the car, we discuss first the outside. Well, the CR-V body is pinned to a custom body made from fiber.

While the inside, the impression is very strong car entertainment when a 32-inch television screen burst in the middle. This large TV can be mechanically driven, so other than as a TV screen can also be for the table.

"That one simple concept but there's function, namely to the table," concluded that singletons.

Completed section was moved to the most important part of the home theater. For
thicked feel of home theater then used webasto sized subwoofer
big. Once completed before the whole interior of leather clad
MBtech original quality maroon color.

Adds nuance of color application in the glamorous and cool impressed. Not to mention trinkets in it plus a rack for storing bottles of liquor.

Not satisfied in that part, then cut the body back to Arif. Bodi was reorganized and back on the bottom that serves planted motorized advance and rewind the seat. To be strong and durable, Arif use steel.

"There is no difficulty in that section. Until now surviving kok and very strong, confident.

Unfortunately, Mark did not remodel any part of the engine. The move was in accordance with the concept that stretcher walking home theater. "Machinery's just me let. But there legs sector changes, especially rim," he said.

What is it? Apparently not many, and Arif peggasuz only use 20-inch rims wrapped with tires Accelera 222 per 35 on the front and rear.

All that Arif was working on quite successfully. Arif, on the mat Clas Mild
Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 was in Makassar, 19-20 June 2010 managed to whip the Ultimate Elegant 2010.

"Pretty good because last year succeeded King Elegant 2009," proud man who was 20 years old.
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